• I was born in Lisbon, In a "Red Alert" Stormy Night! The Doctor Refused to go to work , so a Nurse had to assist in my delivery.
  • Entered the Rugby Portuguese National Team, and during 4 years travelled Portugal and Europe for international Games playing as flanker (Nr.7)
  • After 1 year of University, i decided to go and Travel and search for Answers. Life seemed to be so much more than my little world.
  • Backpacked through Europe and ended up living in Tree houses in a community in Ireland. Started Meditating while living in the woods.
  • Came back to Portugal and meet a Monk. After a few months i moved in with him and started my Yoga Journey at full speed.
  • Intensive Yoga Training in Los Altos Hills - California
  • Humanitarian Work in Venezuela
  • Support Yoga Center in Sintra, Portugal
  • After 2 years of "Yogic challenges", I enrolled a deep training to become a Tantric Monk, in Sweden.
  • Intensive training in Intuitional Science, Meditation, Bio-psycology and yogic diet.
  • I left Training Center. Worked in Norway. Travelled to India, Thailand and many other countries.
  • Came back to Portugal and started to teach Yoga for Kids, adults and families
  • During 5 years, Teached yoga in dozens of schools and museums, mixing Art with yoga in multi-cultural activities.
  • Studied Painting in Portuguese Society of Fine Arts.
  • Started my Photography path. Studied Photojournalist and started shooting Weddings as an assistant.
  • Decided to end my yoga teaching activities, and start my own photography business. Launched my Wedding Photography website. Got my first 10 clients in the first season.
  • Opened Nuno Palha Fashion Photography Studio
  • Founded Petits Models - Kids Model Agency.
  • Fashion Editorial works in Milan and Paris
  • Wedding Photography is Bloomming
  • Closed the Fashion Studio.
  • Decided to focus 100% on Wedding Photography.
  • Was considered one of the Best Wedding photographers in the World by BOWP Association.
  • Started my International Career.
  • During the next 6 years, travelled constantly through Portugal, India, Italy, Romania, UK, Greece, Caribbean, Dubai.
  • Started studying Wordpress, Webdesign and online business.
  • Founded Popup Weddings Portugal. Appearence on National TV and Media.
  • Sold PopUp Weddings Portugal
  • Retired from Photography.
  • Co-founded Lisbon Barber School.
  • Co-Founded Bodas de Portugal.
  • Got my first Consulting and webdesign clients.
  • Founded Strawland Agency.
  • Got International Certification in Ecommerce, Digital Marketing and Convertion Optimization.
  • Founded PowerUp School with the my first online course!
  • Co-founded Menstyle Market - Online Store